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i write a LOT, so only the pieces i am most proud of are shown here. works are listed in chronological order.

title: wraith
creation date: 6/16/23
content warnings: allusions to stalking and harassment

title: unmarked gravestone
creation date: 8/30/23
content warnings: (metaphorical) death, grief

title: my teeth are rotting / my body is falling apart
creation date: 1/10/24
content warnings: medical ableism, body horror (to some extent)

title: cynophobia
creation date: 1/23/24
content warnings: neglect, trauma caused by an animal

title: hope this helps (but it probably doesn't)
creation date: 5/5/24
content warnings: allusions to an unhealthy relationship, medical imagery (anesthesia specifically)

title: hit something vital
creation date: 5/15/24
content warnings: in-depth depiction of an emotionally abusive relationship