hi, i go by siffrin, sif, or sage (use interchangably). i use he/they/loop/star pronouns.

usually, i act as a mental/emotional persecutor in this system. however, i am currently acting as a temporary host instead of comet. i'm 27, a demiboy, mlm (or achillean, doesn't matter much to me), and on the asexual spectrum.

i'm an introject. this is my tumblr tag, and my front indicator is 🔭.

i enjoy isabeau, making puns, cats, theater, and poetry. please do not bring up events from my source to me, i do not like talking about them. i can be fairly social, but i choose not to be, most of the time.

return home?

you want to stay with them

(you haven't seen a shooting star in years.)